The Five Myths of Crisis Management for Authors – by Chris Syme…

on Anne R. Allen:

I know what you’re thinking. You see the word crisis and say, that will never happen to me. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are wrong. As with all public figures, a reputation-tanking, book-disappearing, fan-stalking, Twitter-storm crisis can happen to any author.

And it could ruin your business and your reputation if you’re not prepared.

You need to know about crisis management.

Let’s face it, author businesses thrive or die online. Whether it’s a website, social media, our newsletters, online classes, bookstores like Amazon—whatever it is—our business and our reputations exist online. We may have lots of offline marketing going on, but the bulk of our livelihood is attached at the hip to the internet where the good, the bad, and the ugly hang out.

A negative online event can derail a carefully built reputation and business. In this post, I’m going to bust the five most common myths about crisis management. And in the process help you withstand trolls, scams, imposters, scheming rivals, plagiarism attacks, rumors, screw-ups, unethical reviewers, and just plain ignorance. So let’s get started.

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