Using Reincarnation in Fiction

Legends of Windemere

Rhymes with Orange

Now, I’ve talked about resurrection in the past because that’s a very common spell and quest in fantasy.  This time, I’m going to talk about reincarnation being used in fiction, which is not the same thing.  I’ve seen some people use it as if it’s resurrection, but this is not a person coming back as the same person or thing.  They return as a baby that is either the same species or a different one entirely.

For example, an Elven warrior is killed.  If resurrected then he comes back at the same age as he was when he died.  He will be the same person.  If reincarnated, he is put back to the beginning of a new life.  Maybe he returns as another elf or maybe he’s a gnome now.  He might even have a new mind and not know about his old life.  There are a…

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