5 Tips For Making Your Characters Distinct

K.M. Allan

You might think confusing characters only happen in movies.

It’s easy to get characters visually mixed up when the actors/actresses have the same good looks and do-good temperament.

But it happens on the page too. And why wouldn’t it? The characters come from the mind of one person, the voice of one writer, and that can lead to characters that aren’t distinct from each other. To avoid that, give these tips a try.

5 Tips For Making Your Characters Distinct

1) Don’t Make Them Sound The Same

Easier said than done, right? Especially through the first few drafts when you didn’t know them so well and you were just throwing dialogue on the page.

If you find that you can add any character name on the end of any dialogue that ends in “he/she said” and it makes no difference to what’s being said then your characters sound the same…

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