Backstory: Avoid Info Dumping by Making It Essential: Part 3 – by Kris Kennedy…

on Jami Gold:

As we talked about last week in Part Two of Kris Kennedy’s backstory series, the false beliefs or guiding principles that grow out of a character’s backstory defining moment are key to the emotional heart of our story. Our story’s theme emerges from the subtext of what our character struggles to learn and overcome during the story — i.e., how they can grow beyond that defining moment.

Great! But since this is all so important to the emotional heart of our story, is there a way to add even more emotion? Can we make that emotional heart pound harder and do more work for our story?

Kris Kennedy is back with an amazing Part Three of her 5-part series on crafting must-read backstory. Today’s insights dig into how we can add even more emotion to our character’s backstory and the false beliefs that grow from their defining moment.

Please welcome Kris Kennedy!

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