Things You Need to Know to Write Your Synopsis

Uninspired Writers

Writing a synopsis is often dreaded by writers. While some love it, others loath the process of condensing down their story into a page (or less). I use a step by step process to write a synopsis, and I still find it difficult. I’ve been working on my synopsis for novel 2, Vanishing Act, this week. These are some of the things I’ve realised you need to know to write your synopsis. Of course, you already know these, but I found it helpful to jot them down before I started writing it.

The key players
Main characters are easy. Protagonist, antagonist etc…but the synopsis is all about the key players of the story. The people who need to be mentioned in order for your summary of the plot to make sense. You could have regularly present supporting characters, who add to the main character but not the plot directly…

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