Writing Tips: How To Use Story Stakes To Keep Readers Turning The Pages – by H. R. D’Costa…

on The Creative Penn:

As H. R. D’Costa points out in this article, one of the best marketing strategies for authors is to write books that are gripping page-turners.

In this post, she explains how story stakes are a great way to do that



A reader just bought your book.

But that’s not your ultimate goal, not really.

Not when you want a writing career, which is built on multiple sales.

Your ultimate goal is for your pages to be so good that readers not only buy your other books, but also recommend your books to their friends.

As Ryan Holiday explains in his Creative Penn interview about how to make a book a perennial seller: “If you write a book that does a job for people and you get it out to a large enough audience, what then happens is that that audience continues to pass that book along…if you do it right, your book is an advertisement for itself, and each person that reads it generates more readers.”

So, how do you write the kind of novel that’ll effortlessly generate more readers for you?

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