The Business of Pirating Books: – by Melissa Bowersock…

on Indies Unlimited:

A friend recently notified me that there was a site offering eBooks for free download, and several of my books were among those offered. The site is called, and it’s got quite an extensive library of “free” books— extensive enough to have ten of mine and several of many other indie authors I know.

This, however, is not a new occurrence. Unfortunately, I get notices of this sort of piracy fairly often. The thing is, there are actually two diverse scenarios here. The first is that, yes, a site may have pirated books available for free download.

Yes, it’s illegal, but yes, it goes on.

What can you do about it?

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3 thoughts on “The Business of Pirating Books: – by Melissa Bowersock…

  1. Some say that these sites don’t actually have any free books to deliver; all they want is the personal info people have to give up to create an account. So they’re scams, but books aren’t actually being stolen. I myself don’t know. I’ve recently gotten Google alerts for some of my books that lead to sites where the first step would be to “create an account to download book.” Of course I don’t do it and have no desire to download my own books, so I have no idea what would happen.

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  2. Thieves are everywhere and unfortunately they have found a rich venue to thieve from. Very sad and I wish there was someway to stop them from stealing our ebooks. Surely there is a way and Amazon should be able to prevent this. Great post, thank you Chris and Melissa.

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