Authors, Be Your First Reader! – by Joy E. Rancatore…

You’ve typed The End.



Live it up!

Now you send it straight to the editor to fix, right?


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4 thoughts on “Authors, Be Your First Reader! – by Joy E. Rancatore…

  1. Fantastic piece and advice! Thanks, Chris. I realize Joy wrote it for authors, but, as an editor, I have to jump in–I cannot agree enough with everything she said, a lot of which, to be honest, has been said before (of course, it is worth repeating). But hers is the first I’ve read where the stress is on the need for authors to truly know their story’s intent and purpose. SO important and so well explained! When I edit, I work hard at ensuring I change neither the author’s voice nor the story’s intent, but as Joy said, NOBODY knows that intent as well as the author, and so I HAVE to rely on the author being the expert and captain of the manuscript. Therefore, I encourage all my first-time clients to read, read, read (and read at least once more) their manuscript before submitting to me. The more the author reads, the less time it will take me to edit, and, because time is money, the less I have to charge. Excellent post! Writers will benefit greatly, on many levels, by taking her words to heart. (I am typing with big fingers on a small phone, so hope I have caught all typos! LOL)

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