Book Promotion as a Public Service – by Sandra Beckwith…

on The Book Designer:

In response to a recent article on my book marketing blog, a reader commented, “Blowing my own horn, so to speak, has never been in my nature.”

I had to think about this for a moment to truly understand it.

From my perspective, “blowing your own horn” would look something like this: “I’m the best. I’m the greatest. There’s nobody better than me. Look at how great I am.”

Of course you wouldn’t do that – and neither would this woman. It’s a great way to turn people off. And, what’s more, it has nothing to do with your book.

And that’s a key point.

Book promotion is exactly that: Promotion of your book. If you were promoting yourself, it would be called “self promotion” or “author promotion.” So, when you tell people about your book, you’re not “blowing your own horn.” You’re sharing information about your book.

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4 thoughts on “Book Promotion as a Public Service – by Sandra Beckwith…

  1. An important distinction, indeed. One hopes that eager reviewers/beta readers might do some author promotion; it is completely inappropriate when done by the author. As would be, ‘You will laugh and/or cry reading it,’ rather than, ‘I am moved to tears and/or laughter when reading it and would hope other readers will find the same,’


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