Dear Editor: Any Advice on Writing Memoir? – by Betty Sargent…

on BookWorks:

Do you have a life story worth telling? If you’ve been mulling the idea of writing a memoir, BookWorks founder and veteran editor, Betty Kelly Sargent, has some tips on getting started in her latest answer to a reader’s question.

Dear Editor:

I want to write a memoir but don’t have much writing experience. Should I even try this?

—Fergus D.

Go For It!

Of course you should try it. It is your life and your story, and you are entitled to share it with the whole world. That’s what writers do. You’ll probably find that stirring up all those old memories is challenging as well as rewarding, and I bet there are lots of people who’d like to know more, about the life you’ve lived, and what different places were like when you lived there.

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