Co-Writing Across Distance: Improve Your Non-Fiction Ideas, Clarity, and Writing Speed…

on The Creative Penn:

My own experiences with collaborative writing have resulted in books that might otherwise not have been written, new friendships, and unique experiences (including writing on a train!).

In this post, Johanna Rothman  and Mark Kilby share the unique approach to collaborative writing that led to their co-written book.


You’ve got a writer friend and you want to collaborate. Or, you’ve got a project that needs a special other writer. You know how to write yourself, but can you write with another person? You can, and it’s called pairing.

Pair-writing (or co-writing) can make the overall writing more fun, faster, and produce a better product.

We (Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby) recently published our book, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams: Collaborate to Deliver. We wrote it as a distributed agile team. We lived the principles of distributed agile teams to create the best book possible.

Here’s our story.

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2 thoughts on “Co-Writing Across Distance: Improve Your Non-Fiction Ideas, Clarity, and Writing Speed…

  1. Interesting thought. I’ve been frustrated trying to find a writing/critique partner as I still write, mostly, in English and there are few in my village who speak any English at all and none of them are interested in writing… Now, where do I start looking?

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