10 Reasons Unpublished Writers Need Social Media

Uninspired Writers

Social media. It’s fair to say that this area of the internet has the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m only here to focus on the good, but within a very specific part of the social media world; the online writing community. 

So, why do I believe that, like me, unpublished authors should be active online? Is it for promotion? To find people who might one day buy your books? I always thought that’s why people suggested it but…no. Arguably, the answer is also yes, but all the followers in the world won’t guarantee you book sales. No, there are so many more wonderful reasons. Take a look:

Encouragement and Support
When I joined the writing community a few years ago, I knew I was entering a world of like minded people. I knew there’d be decent people, with big hearts, who wanted to succeed, but see others succeed…

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