Book Promo New Release – ‘Never Pull the Tiger’s Tail‘ by Colin Guest…


This story follows on from Desperation Rules the Day. After the foiled attempt to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge, the American President wants answers on who planned it. Due to sanctions placed on Iran by America, the country is having serious economic problems. Given this, Iran is the main suspect. The President tasks Jeff Stone, the head of a top-secret anti-terrorist organisation to find out if they were or not.

Jeff and a colleague fly to Panama to investigate who sent the containers loaded with remote controlled rocket launchers. While in the process, they are lucky to survive a deadly shooting. After the main suspects’ car blows up leaving him all but dead, he reveals what he knows. The couple then travel to Brazil in search of another key suspect. After finding him, he is killed by an assassin who also injures Jeff. Despite all this, they had obtained the information they were seeking. With proof that Iran was behind the attack, the pair depart Brazil on their way back to America. Once there and Jeff informs the President, it will be up to him to decide on a suitable response.





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