Why You Should Protect Your Writing Dream #Writers #AmWriting


I am hoping this blog post will make you wrap up your writing dream in bubble wrap paper, place it in a sturdy box, write FRAGILE all over it and store in a safe place.

We all start our writing journey clutching a big, colourful and exciting writing dream.

‘I want to write something that people will want to read.’

‘I am going to write that novel I have been longing to write.’

‘I want to see my book on Amazon.’

‘I want to get snapped up by a literary agent.

‘I want to be at my own book signing.’

‘One day I will be a successful author.’

Your writing dream puts fire in your belly, keeps you awake at night, puts a spring in your step, encourages you to buy pretty notebooks and makes you write thousands of words over Christmas.

It has taken me a LONG time to…

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