How Can We Build Our Writing Community? – by Jami Gold…

We all come to the writing world through different paths, and our starting points encompass countless different experiences and backgrounds. That means we all discover the existence of the writing community in different ways as well.

Some of us might have Googled a question and discovered a helpful author’s blog. Or we might have encountered authors on social media or came across a flyer for a writing workshop. Or we might have noticed the support around an online fandom.

Soon, we realize that most writers support and encourage each other through tons of resources, blog posts, social media, etc. However, it’s also nice to have a more personal writing community that we can reach out to for help.

That’s where some writers struggle. For a personal writing community, we often want to connect with writers who also become our friends, and for many of us, it can be hard to make friends at all, especially if we’re introverts.

How can we build a personal writing community? Let’s share ideas…

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