Declutter that Novel! Is it Time to Marie Kondo Your WIP? – by Anne R. Allen…

Recently I’ve seen sad posts by a number of new writers who are having trouble marketing a self-published debut novel, or are discouraged by numerous rejections. Some are furious at the world for not loving their stuff.

In a lot of their work, I see the same problem. It’s usually right there in the title or on the cover (if the cover is homemade.)

The books are too cluttered. The authors are hoarding too many characters, themes and messages. It’s time for them to Marie Kondo their work.

For anybody who doesn’t pay attention to popular culture, Marie Kondo is a superstar organizing consultant and author with her own show on Netflix.

Her principles can be applied to writing as well as housekeeping. So if you’re having trouble finding a publisher or audience for your book, maybe it needs some of Marie Kondo’s advice.

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