The six most prolific Vanity Publishers (plus, two honourable mentions) – by Victoria Strauss…

From Writer Beware Files:

Vanity publishers, unfortunately, are not in short supply. Writer Beware’s files include hundreds of them, large and small. But there’s a select few about which we hear over and over, via writers’ questions and complaints. These companies reel in not dozens, not scores, but hundreds and even thousands of writers, doing business on an industrial scale.

I’m going to provide a snapshot of each of these.

But first, some common deceptive terms.

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2 thoughts on “The six most prolific Vanity Publishers (plus, two honourable mentions) – by Victoria Strauss…

  1. Good article Victoria, thank you. Thanks also Chris for sharing. I’ve been inundated with Vanity publishers wanting to republish my book. They tried the guilt trip of “having spent time writing it don’t I want it to do well? We can help you” (with further ‘proof’ of lack of ratings, sales etc etc). I originally went with an assisted self-publishing company, and yes it cost a lot but I had no idea where to start 7 years ago.
    My advice with vanity publishing whether a book or an article for a magazine or journal, or vanity marketing (which comes in all forms) check whether the cost (financial or a saving in time & effort) is worth it to you. Be aware before you sign to check everything, at least twice, including who gets to keep the copyright of your work. More insights into various Vanity press such as Victoria’s article would be helpful. If you go the self-publishing, marketing, everything route do your research there also.
    I’m feeling a lot more confident self-publishing my next and subsequent books, and knowing when to purchase extra help. 🙂

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