How To Investigate Serial Murder – by Sue Coletta…

Active serial murder investigations present many challenges to law enforcement, according to the FBI. Some of the pressures include public outcry, the media, law enforcement management, and the frustration of investigators at not being able to identify the suspect. In the vast majority of male serial killer cases, there is no identifiable relationship between the suspect and the victims. Female serial killers are a different breed entirely, which we’ll delve into more deeply in future post.

For this post, when I say “serial killer” or “offender” I’m talking about men who murder three or more people with a cooling off period (apparently, the new definition of serial killer is someone who murders two or more people, but I haven’t found a logical reason for lowering the bar).

With most violent criminal investigations, a recognizable connection emerges between the killer and his victim. Which is why investigators first look at victimology and the people closest to them: spouses, lovers, friends, acquaintances, business partners, and rivals. When investigating serial murder, however, the normal link is often missing.

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