Personality Test For Writers – What Type Are You?

My test told me I’m a Closet Writer 😃

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Lately, I found a personality test for writers on the ‘’ website. I read that there are many different types of writers and I was curious about what type I am.

According to ‘,’ there are eight different types of writers:

Inspired Writer

Eternal Writer

Logical Writer

Savvy Writer

Closet Writer

Literate Writer

Hesitant Writer

Innovative Writer

The first question was, which type I think I am, and I spontaneously replied ‘Inspired writer’. As it turned out, I was wrong.

After replying to 31 questions the result told me, I am an ‘Eternal Writer’, just like Agatha Christie and Laurie R. King.

I admit I’m honored to find myself in such illustrious circles.

This is apparently the writer type I am:

Detailed Description

Many Eternal Writers have a genius intellect, but you know from personal experience that this doesn’t mean everything is necessarily easier because of that. If anything, it’s…

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2 thoughts on “Personality Test For Writers – What Type Are You?

  1. Always thought I was inspired and test agreed, feeling quite chuffed. But I was disappointed with question 30 asking about plotting – I never plot and there wasn’t that option so had to plump for an answer to get through the rest of the test.

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