How and Why to Rebrand Your Books for Increased Sales – by J. P. (Jo-Anne) McLean…

on Writer CEO:

Rebranding is the process of changing the public’s view of a brand’s image.

There are any number of reasons why a company would rebrand. They may want to position themselves to better compete with a rival. How many of you remember “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web?” Not many, I suspect, but you’ll know them by their new brand: Yahoo.

Maybe they want to step away from their perceived poor reputation. Comcast did so when it rebranded to Xfinity. Perhaps they want to update their image. Old Spice comes to mind, as does Pepsi.

Writers also have reasons to rebrand, whether they’re focusing on themselves or their books. A children’s author might want to differentiate her author brand for a hot romance she’s written. Likewise, a thriller author may need to establish a different brand to suit his non-fiction how-to guides.

Sometimes it’s the book itself that needs a rebrand—a cover needs an update to reflect current trends or to suit a foreign market. Maybe the author’s budget now allows for a professional designer. Perhaps the author has written a second book and needs to revamp her books as a series.

In my case, I rebranded to reposition my Gift Legacy books because they weren’t attracting their intended audience. This conclusion wasn’t based on speculation.

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