Staying Positive After a Rejection – by IWS…


It happens to everyone at some point in their writing life.
This year, I’ve been trying some new things. I’m challenging myself in new directions. So, rejection has been happening and I still keep on writing and I keep on sending out queries for short stories, novels, and poems, and I’m still okay.
But rejection stings.
On some days, I might struggle for a minute or two (or sometimes a few hours) with an icky, insecure worry that maybe all of my work sucks. I have had moments where I’ve looked at the subject line of an e-mail in my inbox and just not opened it for a few minutes.
I have to remind myself that my work is still okay, that it’s not for everyone, but there is a market for it. I have to find ways to stay positive.
I know I’m not the only one who struggles with rejection. I’ve read posts from fellow writers who are struggling with it.

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