How Many Sentences In A Paragraph? Not Very Many Today – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

How many sentences are there in one paragraph?

For ebook and blog readers, not too many, thank you very much.

Short is the preference for today’s readers.

Attention span is the key to online reading, whether it is a blog post or a Kindle ebook. Screen reading has changed the way readers understand and absorb a text.

A good piece of writing for online and screen readers can be gauged by the number of sentences you link together in one paragraph.

If you still think that ten sentences in a paragraph works, think again. Today’s readers love paragraphs that are short and sweet.

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3 thoughts on “How Many Sentences In A Paragraph? Not Very Many Today – by Derek Haines…

  1. Maybe I’ll have to rethink my writing style – though on writing a recent story I received two critiques: one saying I needed shorter sentences; the other raved about the length of my descriptive sentences!
    I don’t like the single sentence paragraph unless it is dialogue. I find lots of single lines distracting and often lacking continuity.
    Good tip about print book paragraphs, and the difference to e-book paragraphs.

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  2. Should one really encourage ‘tastes’ that pander to laziness and inattention? If a single theme needs ten or fifteen long sentences to develop from proposition to conclusion, then why should breaks be forced into it, destroying the continuity? The more this is done the less effective and coherent it becomes. Just because a trend is occurring is not to say one should meekly follow it when it is a bad one.

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