How to write a Synopsis for your novel – by Anna Davis…

on Aerogramme Writer’s Studio:

If you spend time online reading tips on how to write a synopsis for a novel, you’ll find masses of different and contradictory ideas – but I reckon I can safely assert one universal truth: Nobody – but nobody – finds them easy to write!

The synopsis is a short, lively overview of your novel. It sits alongside the opening of your novel and your agent query letter in your pitch package, and it lays out the complete narrative arc of your plot. It’s not the same thing as a ‘blurb’ (which is the short teaser paragraph that you find on the back of published books).

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3 thoughts on “How to write a Synopsis for your novel – by Anna Davis…

  1. I just finished writing my middle-grade novel synopsis. It was an excruciating process. I discovered I had too many threads. Forcing myself to write the synopsis during the middle of the first draft helped me discover the essence of my story and its basic roadmap. I highly recommend doing this, even if you are not yet ready to submit to an agent.

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