Authors Beware! (part two) – The Secret Vanity Publishers Operating as Independents

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Last week I spoke about what to do if you were thinking about getting your book published by an independent publisher.  I covered the positives and negatives of both the smaller and bigger indie publisers and gave tips on how to research a publisher before submitting your manuscript to them.

While explaining all this I touched on the indie publishers who aren’t so good.  As a book blogger alone, I’ve encountered a few indie publishers who really weren’t very good and speaking to some of the authors who signed on with them, the list of problems these publishers have range from the minor to the terrible.  For a start some don’t edit books very well at all, while others have poor ways of communicating with bloggers and authors.  One publisher I agreed to review for wouldn’t stop harassing me every other day for an update on whether I’d read…

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3 thoughts on “Authors Beware! (part two) – The Secret Vanity Publishers Operating as Independents

  1. I v had two book publish by two different indipendent publishers which found out later, are the same company. They promised so much but I had problem with them, they didn’t keep their promise even though I had a discount which I payed for them to publish another book I decide not to use them again. From my experience with those publisher anyone who wants to publish their first book should listen and read carefully what they’re offering. Know it’s your book write down exactly what you want from the publisher, which most won’t agree to your own terms. They’ll give you their own terms which is standard, so be aware and find another publisher, or publish it on your own. KB

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  2. Good article Kitty. Thanks Chris for sharing. I have been inundated with requests from publishers who have seen my book in online bookstores telling me everything wrong about how my book is going and various offers to republish it. However, I certainly don’t need to spend $10,000+ to gain a few more sales even at a “magnificent 50 to 60% royalties” of $9.99. Others have offered to pay for everything but the hitch is I have to order 2, 3, 4,000 or more books at only $6-8 wholesale each! If I was a new author it would be difficult not to get drawn into such ‘generous’ offers. Your article points out the pitfalls and what to look for. I like the “…and drnking at the time!” tipos shuld nver b part of a finel book 🙂 🙂

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  3. Very difficult waters to navigate. There are also indie publishers that are not too successful at marketing. They are not really vanity publishers, but from their results might seem to be.



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