A Very Special Book Review: My Vibrating Vertebrae: And Other Poems by Agnes Mae Graham

My sincere thanks to Karen, for this wonderful review of my Mum’s book 🥰

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Pen & Paper

Agnes Mae Graham’s beautiful collection of rhyming poems, My Vibrating Vertebrae, is stunning. And, like a brilliant jewel, her poems will take your breath away. Moments ago, I read the last poem, and I couldn’t wait to review this book of poetry, that did take my breath away, and gave me a sense of awe, incredulity, of the beauty, wit, charm, love, grace, and sorrow with tears of joy too.

Agnes Mae Graham brings all of this beauty to each page of rhyme and rhythm with perfect beats that flow like cadence, lilt, music to one’s ear sets the stage for deeply felt and lived emotions that brings forth memories of a time lost to all, but those who lived it.

I laughed, I giggled, I felt joy and pain as her memories brought back memories of my own; of my father and mother who experienced similar moments in their…

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