Why You Need To Treat Your Writing Like A Business – by Bethany Cadman…

on The Creative Penn:

ndependent authors wear many hats, not just the one emblazoned ‘writer’. Bethany Cadman explores the idea that every author needs to treat writing like a business in order to thrive.


When we think of writers, we imagine arty, creative types. We visualize daydreamers who have chosen the less trodden path, who go with the flow, are arty, scatty, and loveably disorganized.

We conjure images of people, casually dressed, with mile-high piles of paper on their desks, and Post-It notes stuck to their hair, those who are caffeine-addicted, emotional, brilliant beasts who adore adventures and riveting conversation and love, more than anything, telling stories to everyone and anyone who will listen.

When we think of business people, we imagine those who are more stoic and sensible. We envisage smart, punctual people, those who are suited and booted with sleek hair and polished shoes.

We picture highly organized, strategic, spreadsheet-loving souls who stop at nothing to get what they want.

These two types of people are so at odds with one another, yet most writers could do with taking a leaf or two out of a businesspersons book. This doesn’t mean they have to compromise their ideals or make their life any less enjoyable.

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