6 thoughts on “How To Convert Blog Posts Written With The Classic Editor Into Gutenberg Posts

  1. I’ve just started with Gutenberg, but I’m still using the Classic editor. I can make posts in Gutenberg, but if I want to edit an old one which it marks as in Classic form, it asks me if I want to convert it to Block edit.
    I haven’t done so yet, since I don’t need to change old posts at all, but I wonder if just using the Classic Editor mode would help solve this problem for others.

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    • Hi Jemima, the classic editor block does not come with many of the benefits that all the other Gutenberg blocks come with. Therefore, you would need to reply ‘yes’ to that question and convert the text inside the classic block to blocks. Once you have done that, it opens up all the benefits and new tools that Gutenberg brings with it.

      However, I do know of some bloggers who mix and match between the classic editor and Gutenberg. For example, some bloggers prefer the photo galleries in the classic editor to those in Gutenberg.

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      • Yes. My first foray into a Block post gave me problems trying to get the size of the picture as I wanted it. I don’t want to have to resize all of my images so I can have it large or small in different posts! I’m sure I can work this out more – as it is I’ve done it with the sideways caption.
        I’m not planning to convert any of my old posts 🙂

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