Why Read Women Writers? An Interview with Bill Wolfe – by Kristen Tsetsi…

on Jane Friedman site:

While scrolling through my Facebook feed some years ago, I came across a link to Bill Wolfe’s website, Read Her Like an Open Book. Someone had posted a link to a book review he’d written, and I’d clicked on it, finding myself at a website dedicated to reviewing and showcasing books by women.

As a female writer, I admittedly find myself rolling my eyes when males express surprise if they’ve enjoyed a novel by a woman, or when they brazenly don’t accept that men and women (and everyone in between) are equally competent writers, so I naturally thought Bill Wolfe’s book review blog was a refreshing idea. Who better than a man to persuade other men that women’s books are worth their time? (After all, men who refuse to read women certainly aren’t likely to listen to any woman who tells them they should.)

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