Meet Guest Author, Kamal Roohani…

Life’s beauty and its fragrances, captured in all its splendour and imaginative words is subtly portrayed in ‘Poet’s Touch’. Join me on this beautiful journey through my poems where I shall take you through different vibrant shades of emotions which will open the mystical doors of happiness. Let us all experience a Touch of warm feelings that are so beautifully encased as delicate pearls in these Poetic Creations.

From childhood, Kamal had an interest in writing poems of her imagination and had made a small rough book of her poems where she would write and sometimes recite them to her family and friends. Her style of writing poems is quite unique as she does not rhyme her verses. She loves taking up any Word that appeals to her and composes it into a pleasing and exquisite piece of art.

This is my first endeavour at publishing Poetry through my book called, ‘Poet’s Touch’ on a great platform like Social Media, though my poems are being presented in HP Magazine, a few Newspapers and with friends too. The poems are composed of 77 poems that have a subtle touch of love, delight, a bit of sadness, little treats of happiness and smiles as you go on this wonderful jaunt, turning page after page with assorted poems that add abundance and richness at their very best.

Kamal’s forte is about nature, so many of her poems have a feeling of being one with Mother Earth. Readers can, with ease, take a moment to go through her poetry book that is simple to read and leaves them with a feeling of joy.

If a heart is silent

It hears faint murmurs

From the voiceless voice

That calls from the heights

Of the gigantic mountains

Or serenades like the birds in flight

Flying freely to open skies

Or fishes that swim with the waves

Up and down to their glory

Earthy presence that laughs in flowers

Each bud blossoms in floral colours

Softness of a tender whisper coos

And my beautiful heart reciprocates

Bursting with ecstasy and delight

From its very core to be loved

By someone who is kind and gentle

Admires you for who you are

With all your flaws and blemishes

Silently and patiently forever……





17 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author, Kamal Roohani…

  1. I have read ‘Poet’s Touch’ and agree that it’s a pleasing read. Kamal picks up ordinary words like ‘dancer’ and weaves extraordinary poems around them giving the reader a fresh perspective. Enjoyed reading the book.

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