Meet Guest Author, Erin Harris…

As a genealogist, marketing and technology nerd, I’m adding the title of “author” to my resume of all things.

On top of that I’m a professional bat crap crazy dreamer.  Seriously, I have some nutty dreams.

In recent years, my dreams have evolved to include situations involving my ancestors and my genealogy research. One recurring character is my second great grandfather, Joseph Klump. He’s not famous and didn’t come from money. He was just a person that lived and died during the late 1800s and into the early 1910s. His only claim to fame is that he died after the famous flood of 1913 in Dayton, Ohio.

I’ve found his life story mysterious and incomplete. While there is much mention of him in newspapers in the region, he’s also left a black hole of emptiness which often leaves me with more questions than answers. However, in my research for Joseph, I’ve learned about my ancestors that were directly involved in his life; grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, etc. that I may have never researched if it wasn’t for my obsession with Joseph.

I could talk to people all day about Joseph and the theories that I have regarding his life. 

With all this research, Joseph has “visited” me in my dreams in the bodily form of Paul Bettany. His message was to stop researching him. If I continued, I wasn’t going to like what I would find.

I’m a stubborn person, almost too stubborn. Instead of heading the warning, I’ve dug deeper into my research. In other recent events in my personal life, my father passed away. As therapy for my loss, I decided to write a book loosely based on my genealogy research and the dreams that follow. It makes me wonder if Joseph wasn’t using my stubbornness to push me into such a project.

I invite you to check out my book “Conversational Influences of Dreams and Faces Unknown”that I’ve self-published on Amazon Kindle. I thought it would be a neat little experiment to see how a book of genealogical fiction with a touch of supernatural mystery would be received.

Website  –  LinkedIn





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