How To Add An Image To A Comment On A WordPress Blog

Another useful tip from Hugh – don’t forget – Carefully delete the ‘s’ from the ‘https’ at the beginning of the image link address, so it reads ‘http’. (If you do not delete the ‘s’ the image will not show in the comment). 😃


Please do not add LARGE images in your comments – 300 or 400 pixels high is adequate.


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Thank you to Chuck Jackson, who blogs at ‘The Many Pieces of Chuck Jackson‘, for asking me a question about blogging after reading my blog post ‘Do You Have A Question About Blogging…’

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Here’s Chuck’s question in full.

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When it comes to adding images and photos to comments, we do have to be careful with what we add. We should always ensure the photo or image has a connection to the subject of the post we’re leaving the comment on.

I’ve not only added images and photos to my comments on my blog posts, but also to the comments I have left on the blogs of other bloggers. However, not everyone likes photos or images left on comments, so I’d recommend you first ask the blogger concerned if they’re happy for you to add a photo or image to a comment.

Many bloggers will be happy…

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