Finding Your Genre – Guest Post by, Fiona Tarr…

I think the hardest part about being an author is trying to define your audience.

When I started out writing Fantasy I found it quite difficult to understand the vast variety of Fantasy genre labels out there. With Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy and so many more, it became increasingly challenging to pinpoint exactly where my books were going to fit in such a varied market.

Well after eight books and five years, I think I have finally figured it out. I write Religious Fantasy with Speculative Fiction feel.

So what exactly is Religious Fantasy?

I guess the most recent Religious Fantasy novel of any note would likely be American Gods by Neil Gaiman; also in its second season as a TV series. When asked, many of my readers likened my writing style to Neil Gaiman’s and I was very flattered by the comparison.

Believe it or not, I fought the Religious Fantasy genre label for many years, mainly because I really didn’t want to end up lumped into the indoctrinated zealot bucket. But the more I wrote and released, the more I realised I was writing Religious Fantasy with a broad, multi-cultural, speculative fantasy feel.

The difference between Religious Fantasy and Christian Fantasy.

If you look up Religious Fantasy online, you will likely get a long list of Christian Fantasy definitions, sites and concepts, but there is a difference. Christian Fantasy is written with a Christian world view, while Religious Fantasy writes from various religious and cultural perspectives and this is the reason I felt the need to define the difference.

My Fantasy stories are driven by a strong interest in racial and cultural tolerance, social justice and religious freedom. The reason I re-write old testament bible stories is because they offer the ideal historical period when the world was far from tolerant, just or free. I chose to write Fantasy because I love the idea of magic, supernatural, swords and sorcery and I really enjoy using them to weave thought provoking stories.


I recently had a review on my first book – Destiny of Kings (2014). The reader stated; “Beware! This is not the story in the bible.” It was a 2 star review and instead of being upset, I was actually overjoyed. My books are not bible stories. There is dark and light magic, a little adult intimacy, politics, religious turmoil and so much more. If strong characters and fast moving plots are your thing, then I think you will enjoy Delilah and the Dark God.


Delilah is young, poor and inexperienced. Discovering Samson’s secret might not be as easy as she thinks!

When Delilah is compelled to discover the source of Samson’s divine strength, she becomes torn between her desire for wealth and growing feelings she cannot yet understand. She has no idea that the Eternal Realm is at war, but she quickly realises there is more at play than religion and politics.

The Goddess Asherah knows Delilah is the key to future peace in the heavens, yet she is forbidden from meddling with humanity….. But when the Dark God Dagon grows obsessed with Delilah, she must choose a side.

Will Asherah risk revealing herself to protect the ancient prophecy and secure peace for her brethren?

Delilah and the Dark God is the second book in The Eternal Realm series; a religious fantasy series that mixes mythology and intrigue in epic fantasy style. If you like strong characters, intricate plots and action, then you will love Fiona Tarr’s contemporary take on this old biblical classic.

Buy Delilah and the Dark God to discover what really goes on in the eternal realm!

“Fiona Tarr is a highly entertaining writer with exceptional storytelling skills.” Eeva Lancaster for Readers’ Favorite



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5 thoughts on “Finding Your Genre – Guest Post by, Fiona Tarr…

  1. I’m just coming to realise how many fantasy genre sub-types there are. Religious fantasy slipped me by, and it’s not what I initially imagined when I read your opening paragraph. Thanks for putting me straight!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree about the Old Testament Robert. Every time I take one of the old stories and start to pull it apart so I can put it back together I come to realise the ancient times were tough and dark deeds were rife. I think I’ve brought a little light to the darkness.

      Liked by 1 person


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