Ways to Get Book Reviews: The Power of Recommendation – by Penny Sansevieri…

on BookWorks:

Personal recommendations account for 95% of all book sales. That’s a powerful statement, and it really speaks to the fact that people like what other people like. So, when authors ask me if book reviews are still a great way to sell a book, I always say ‘yes’ because great book reviews really tap into the power of the personal recommendation. Which brings us to the inevitable—how to get book reviews?

The challenge that authors seeking to get book reviews face is two-fold. First, with more than 4,500 books published on a daily basis, getting those reviews is increasingly competitive. And second, pursuing book reviews can be time-consuming. With this in mind, I’m going to break down the strategy behind choosing the kinds of reviews you should go after, and those you should maybe not put much effort into.

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