How To Lure Your Muse

K.M. Allan

One thing I love about writing is the days when the words just flow.

Every sentence you pen down comes out near perfect, first time. Every transition to the next paragraph is effortless, and the ideas and inspiration seem limitless. What started as a blank page is now pages upon pages of pure writing gold!

Then there are the days when you get two words into a new scene and can’t for the life of you think of a third word. It’s like you’ve forgotten what words are. That’s any word. At all.

Your sentences have no flow and your paragraph transitions are clunky. You wonder what could have happened. The Muse has left. Is she on vacation? Did you drive her away with months of endless edits? Did she get bored going over chapter twelve yet again, even though you swore it was finished? Whatever her reasons…

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