Deadlines: One of the Best Kept Secrets in Writing – by Kathy Harris…

on ACFW:

A goal is a dream with a deadline. – Napoleon Hill

Want to know a secret? I love deadlines!

And I think you should too.

Search online for the quote above, and you’ll find it, or one like it, attributed to a number of different people. I first heard it from one of my early writing mentors, multi-published author Kaye Dacus.

Despite all of the quotes about deadlines, they are still one of the best kept, and misunderstood, secrets in the business. If you lack confidence in your writing. If you’re too busy to write. Or if you’re a procrastinator, deadlines are for you! They’re not only motivational. They help you prioritize.

If it hadn’t been for deadlines, and the encouragement of others, I might not have finished two of my manuscripts. Or had my first book published. Deadlines not only put wings to your dreams, they set the wind at your back. They push. Just when you need it.

Here are three reasons to love—rather than hate—deadlines:

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3 thoughts on “Deadlines: One of the Best Kept Secrets in Writing – by Kathy Harris…

  1. How nice it would be to have an agent, and one who believes in you and your writing to the extent they’d give you a deadline.

    I have looked into getting an agent, but the mixed information was overwhelming, and the fear of ending up with a bad one keeps me unrepresented.

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