What Is A Memoir And Why Is It A Hard Story To Sell? – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

Writing a memoir is often the starting point for new authors

Self-publishing has given an opportunity to a lot of new writers to get their stories into print or ebook.

For many, the first book they publish is a memoir. Often it is the final stage in a cathartic experience or journey through an episode in life.

It is not unusual for such a story to start from a collection of notes, journal or diary entries. It then may be years later that a writer collates these memories and decides to write a book.

The motivation to write a book based on a personal life event is often about wanting to leave more than footprints in the sand. The result is a book that family and close friends can read for years and years to come.

However, if your motivation is to sell thousands of copies and to make a lot of money, there may be disappointment ahead for you.

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3 thoughts on “What Is A Memoir And Why Is It A Hard Story To Sell? – by Derek Haines…

  1. If I ever wrote mine I would have to start now to then. I started out in a ruff place with God taking care of me before I knew it. I can honestly say I see a direct path that I would not change for anything.

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  2. I took several months to edit and rewrite my holistic health book and it was so worth it! I incorporated much of the advice you offer here as well. In particular, rewriting passive voice sentences.
    I shared this article with some friends who are still writing their first books. ❤️😁

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  3. Perhaps it’s difficult to sell because the subject person isn’t well-known? Marketing should focus on the compelling nature of the story, or why and how knowing the story will help the reader. ❤️🦋🌀

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