The WordPress Reblog Button Mystery…

During the last few days, I’ve noticed that when I want to reblog posts, either:

  1.  The Reblog Button doesn’t work, OR,
  2.  After persistently pressing it, it eventually works, BUT,
  3.  It takes up to 10 minutes, a LOT of searching through my Admin – Posts – Published section, to actually FIND and UPDATE the reblogged post.

WordPress are obviously making ‘enhancements / improvements’ and still trying to catch all the gremlins they accidentally let loose during the process – SIGH…

If you are finding the same problem, or, you follow a notification link to someone’s reblogged post, please be patient, do not delete the notification, but keep trying until it finally appears.


35 thoughts on “The WordPress Reblog Button Mystery…

  1. Oh my goodness! This has been driving me round the bend! I was beginning to think it was just me. On my Mac, I have found it works on chrome, not safari. BUT when I go into safari preferences and disable cross-site tracking, it works.
    On my iPhone, I use the app, but get nothing. Very occasionally, if I actually go directly to the blog, I may get the reblog button, but usually it just tells me I’m not signed in. Grrr.

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  2. Reblog failed on the first post opened on a site no matter how many attempts. But after opening another post on that site then going back to the first one, reblog worked right away.

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  3. My problem is, I’m unable to post or comment on my own blog without signing in every time from the Comment section. (That’s the only place I’ve been able to find the CircleW WordPress sign-in button.) And I have to sign in to comment here or anywhere else. Every. Single Time. Gack. I keep hoping it will fix itself, or I’ll find some place to do a general sign in and be covered on at least my own blog. Anyone else having this issue?

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  4. Thank you Chris, i noticed this problem too. My solution is using a proxy server – prefered Russia or India ( – with a delay under 300ms. This one caches the blogsite with all the extensions (Buttons for FB …). After some seconds of a clear screen the whole site with all the buttons loads, and let me reblog. Sorry to all who get no visits from Germany with this solution. 😉 Michael
    Using a proxy with your browser is simple: Go to the menue – Extras – Preferences – here on the left side the “Extensions” – click it and now on the right side “Preferences”. Go to manual proxy configuration, mark the radio button “for all proxies”, and fill the fields “HTTP-proxy” AND PORT-NUMBER.
    Dont forget – !: it only works after you clicked the “OK”-button on the bottom.
    Dort forget – 2:Browing other than blog sites on you have to change it to “no proxy”, because on other sites you will get not only the advertising in Russian or Indian language. Lol

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