New Research Discovers a Formula for Creativity – by Ruth Harris…

on Anne R. Allen:

Are you procrastinating, or nurturing your creativity?

Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration—at least according to Thomas Edison.

The point is that writers (and geniuses) don’t work only when inspired. Much of the time, the reality is that writing a book or parsing the time-space continuum is a day-to-day slog.

Edison also remarked that he’d found 10,000 ways to fail.

Sound familiar?

Like Edison, we need to keep our radar operating whether we’re at our desk/in our lab—or not.

Usually we succeed, whether propelled forward by a deadline, word count or sheer cussedness.

But what about the times we’re out of gas or feeling burned out?

Then what? How do you cope when your book is waiting? When you have a scene to write or a character to create and you feel utterly drained and uninspired.

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