Writing for Audio: Understanding Attunement – by Jules Horne…

on Jane Friedman site:

When it comes to audio writing, “flow” is critical. Flow is the art of shaping the listening experience as it unfolds. Some flow techniques will be familiar, such as hooks and questions. Others, such as attunement, may be less familiar.

Flow is a kind of music, but not the musicality of the narrator’s voice. Rather, it’s the musicality of language structure itself—paragraphs, sentences, words and how they’re shaped to pull the reader through. The effect is similar to a story hook, but made of language structures. Let’s look at how this applies specifically to story openings.

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2 thoughts on “Writing for Audio: Understanding Attunement – by Jules Horne…

  1. I’m a narrator, and here’s a tip I often share: An easy and effective thing writers can do to make better books for audio, is to record themselves (it doesn’t need to be a retail quality track) reading their own work out loud. Every flaw becomes crystal-clear upon playback.

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