3 Important Ways To Increase Site Security – by Janice Wald…

on Mostly Blogging:

Site security is more important than ever in the online world because there are so many hackers out there that can bring down a website in an instant.

A lot of bloggers don’t think that they’re going to be targeted because these people are usually going after businesses and trying to steal the credit card information of their customers or take sensitive business documents that they can use to extort money out of them.

But not all hackers are serious criminals like that, the sad truth is, a lot of them are just out to disrupt people for their own amusement, and your blog could easily be targeted by them. There is also a risk of people trying to steal your content and post it on their own blog, so you need to protect against that as well. If you haven’t really considered it before, here are some of the best ways to secure your blog.

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