Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

Author Don Massenzio

As I look at my writing notebook (you should consider carrying one), I see the dozens of story, setting and character ideas that I have collected and I’m both inspired and anxious.

There are many ideas that I want to turn into stories. It’s hard to write one at a time. At any given time I have a book and some kind of serial or short story going at the same time. This is tough with a 50 hour per seek day job and 45 weeks of travel per year, but I somehow manage to squeeze in some writing.

As I looked at these ideas, I began thinking about where the ideas that I’ve recorded come from. It though that telling you some of my sources might help you look at some idea generation possibilities you might not have thought of.


During the past eight years, I have flown…

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6 thoughts on “Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

  1. Life mostly. A lot of what I write about, I’ve been through in one form or the other. That said, occasionally, I just see something that sparks an idea. Example, I’m driving home, and I see on the side of I-25 where someone lost some stuff. There were three teddie bears. And while I’m not a children’s author, I’m telling my granddaughter a story about three teddy bears lost and trying to get home. next thing I know, I’m writing it up.

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