Books, Bookmarks, Business Cards Or Digital Giveaways. What Should Authors Be Ready To Give Away? – by C. Penticoff…

on The Creative Penn:

Online marketing is a big part of every author’s focus, but we shouldn’t forget about the value of meeting readers in person. In this article, C. Penticoff offers four types of giveaways for conferences and other in-person events that will expand your reader base and connect you with those in the book industry.

One of the first things every entrepreneur does after launching their business is to order business cards.

This seems logical, especially since it’s an affordable and professional way to distribute a physical piece of content providing all the ways to find and contact you.

You may have already done this, or you may be thinking about ordering some business cards. But, let me ask you this…

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5 thoughts on “Books, Bookmarks, Business Cards Or Digital Giveaways. What Should Authors Be Ready To Give Away? – by C. Penticoff…

  1. Thanks for posting this helpful article, Chris. I recently ordered business cards from Vistaprint (who are mentioned in the original post). These were of good quality and I have given out a fair number of them containing my name, “K Morris poet”, Twitter handle, mobile and (business) email. I have had several website visits as a consequence of distributing business cards and, I believe several subscribers to my blog. Perhaps its the handsome figure shown on the card which encourages people to visit my site (Trigger is indeed a handsome lab/retriever)! and as for the other personage featured, the least said about him the better! I used to give away quite a few print books, however this became rather expensive so I now limit this to gifts to family, close friends, libraries and the occasional giveaway on my website. The idea of bookmarks is, I think a good one. Best, Kevin

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