Are You Backed Up?

Marketing Christian Books

More than one author has told me a tale of losing all their work when their computer crashed in the middle of a project. I hope that this has not happened to you.

A couple years ago, my house was hit by lightning. It fried the Internet router box, a phone, my computer, and a printer. Everything on the computer was lost. Fortunately, I had backed up all the data on my computer.

World Backup Day

As a publisher or author, you create vast amounts of data regularly. All of this data can be lost in a moment to a natural disaster, a virus, a computer crash, or even a theft. It’s not uncommon.

  • One in ten computers is infected with a virus each month.
  • 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute.
  • 29% of disasters are caused by accident.

Yet, 30 percent of people have never backed up their data. The best…

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