Using Instagram to Promote Your Book [Long Post]

Author Steve Boseley - Half a Loaf of Fiction


Please forgive me for being late to the party, but I have recently joined Instagram. What took me so long you ask? Well, it’s just not something I had ever considered as being helpful in my goal of promoting my work. It’s mostly photo sharing, so it won’t be useful in that goal. Right?

I was wrong.

What is it?

Instagram is a relatively new social media platform that focuses on photo and video sharing. Users can browse post by tags (the good old #hashtag) and by location.

It’s fairly new in comparison with some other social media you may use (see my post on Twitter), but it is the fastest growing of all social media platforms and as such, should not be overlooked. As I did for so long [smacks forehead].

Why should I use it for promotion?

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4 thoughts on “Using Instagram to Promote Your Book [Long Post]

  1. Thanks for posting this. I have started using Instagram as a tool for promoting my book in the recent months and I have been pleased with the results. It was good to read pointers about how to use Instagram in the best way.

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