How to Write for a Blog: 10 Tips for Writing Strong Web Content – by Anne R Allen…

Good Web content attracts those search engine spiders.

These days, pretty much all writers need to learn to write Web content. Yes, even if you’re a Victorian romance author whose readers care more about reticules and spatterdashers than retweets and SEO.  Even if you don’t have your own blog. Any website needs content. Plus you may want to plan a blog tour to promote your book launch, or guest on a blog for visibility.  (Guest blogging is one of the best ways to market your book for free.)

Like it or not, all writers need to become “Web content providers” these days.

Yeah, I know. Sounds a lot less creative than “author” doesn’t it? And harder.

But it actually isn’t. Writing Web content is a little different from writing a traditional essay or magazine article, but it’s not hard. You just have to learn some basic guidelines.

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7 thoughts on “How to Write for a Blog: 10 Tips for Writing Strong Web Content – by Anne R Allen…

  1. What a wonderful post. Thank you so much. I read the entire article. I emailed myself the link so I could share it with my clients.

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      • There was lots of good information and it confirmed a lot of what I knew. Not long ago, I wrote a letter to the CEO of the hospital I was in. I shared that with a friend of mine who is an older rider. The first thing he did was to criticize my way of writing. I have used numbered list, and bullet points. Since I have done more and more reading about this I realize, that people who learned to write 20 years ago, simply are not used to the writing styles of today. So for me, the article confirmed what I was doing. It was nice. Of course, the immediate response I got from the hospitals CEO, and the work I have done with that hospital sense, also confirm that what I did was correct. I wish, before people criticized others work, they would take the time to know a little about what they are talking about. That’s why I read so much informational post things. Times are always changing. Ways of doing things are always changing. One of the best ways to keep up with all that is to be informed. I just get tired of a lot of older writers criticizing the work I am doing, and then when I find articles like these I realize I am doing it correctly.

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          • Well it’s hard to keep up. And, I certainly don’t know everything. I make mistakes all the time. But I try to be informed, and stay as of today as I can. It just gets old always being told you’re doing it wrong, only to find out you’re not.

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