AI And Creativity – With Marcus Du Sautoy…

on The Creative Penn:

Artificial Intelligence will usher in a new era of what it means to work and create over the next generation, but does this mean that writers and creatives will be made obsolete? 

In this episode, Professor Marcus du Sautoy discusses the developments in AI creativity and why our stories could be the very thing that helps train AIs to be more human.

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4 thoughts on “AI And Creativity – With Marcus Du Sautoy…

  1. Thanks for sharing this very interesting post, Chris. I did comment on the original article, however my contribution isn’t showing (possibly been eaten by the great spam monster)! hence, I’m commenting here also. I think that poetry (and many other forms of writing) are so personal that it would be extremely difficult (probably impossible) for an AI to replicate what I (or another creative person) is conveying. For example, I go on a walk in the countryside, hear birdsong, engage in an interesting conversation, all of which lead to the composition of a poem. Only I know what the poem truly meant. Is it simply a description of my walk in the country? or are their hidden meanings within the poem? I find the idea that an AI could improve on my creative process risible. That is not to say that it could not help in choosing an alternative word (so as to avoid using the same word several times), however, even in this instance repetition may be used deliberately by a writer to get their message across, something which would, I think not be understood by an AI. Best – Kevin

    On 3/19/19, Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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