How To Be An Expert Typo Hunter

K.M. Allan

You’ve got to be a lot of things when you’re a writer.

Not only do you need to craft characters and worlds from nothing, bring together a cohesive story, and take hundreds of random words and arrange them into sentences that make sense, you also need to check those sentences for mistakes.

But when you’ve been working on a WIP for a long time, writing and re-writing the same sentences, it makes you immune to typos. Suddenly they aren’t just wrong keystrokes or the write right word with the wrong spelling—they’re tricksters—convincing your eyes that what they’re reading is what your brain expects.

Typos are relying on the fact you know your words so well after multiple drafts they can hide in your perfect paragraphs, just waiting to be spotted by your dream agent in your submission package (that’ll show you for deleting their friends during editing pass 12!).

So what…

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