A-2-Z blog challenge is 10 years old! – by Linzé Brandon…

The A-2-Z blog challenge is celebrating its 10th year in April, and I would like you to join me by featuring your book, a new release, a guest post, or other book related event.

Due to the high traffic expected in April, I am revising the rules slightly:
For book features: Book cover and buy links only (pre-orders included)
For guest posts: The article (500 words max), your author picture, and your website link
For events: A graphic advertising the event with all information provided. A URL will be allowed to the website for readers to click for more information

Bookings are done on a first come, first serve basis, and the date of your post is not selectable, so be sure to get your details to me super quick!

Send the relevant information BEFORE 29 March 2019.

Go HERE for contact details

4 thoughts on “A-2-Z blog challenge is 10 years old! – by Linzé Brandon…

  1. I sort of “do” the a-z every year but it is my own take on it…as it has become a personal goal to write a post a day until all those letters are used up. I fit none of the categories that seem to be appearing more and more each year so jut do whatever i wish. Is that a registration for it? probably not. But I am doing my own version again this year anyway. lol

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