The Myth of Plan First and Write Later – by Louise Tondeur…

on Jane Friedman site:

I hadn’t heard of plotting versus pantsing when I wrote my first two novels—and I didn’t know much about planning at all.

For those who haven’t heard of plotting versus pantsing, it refers to one group of writers who prefer to plan first then write, as opposed to a second group who prefer to write by the seat of their pants. (As a Brit, I had to learn that this meant trousers and not knickers.) The polite term—and my preferred one—for pantsing is intuitive writing. Intuitive writers, according to the common story, simply write, however the mood takes them, and plan later on.

Plotting versus pantsing is one popular version of the plan first/write later myth.

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9 thoughts on “The Myth of Plan First and Write Later – by Louise Tondeur…

  1. I prefer the Goldilocks approach in most things or in the Buddhist parlance, “the Middle Way.” Neither a planner nor an intuitive writer exclusively. It drives me crazy trying to outline and plan. At the same time it is frustrating to be writing and then get paralyzed figuring out what must come next. So yes–do both. Not one or the other!

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  2. Interesting article. Maybe our different styles have a lot to do with our thinking preferences? I see benefits to both, and perhaps the plan-first method is like an architect’s vision of a house. Blueprint the overall building and its key spaces and uses, but leave lots of room for changes and finishes.

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  3. Fascinating post. Just finished my first novel and definitely pantsed it. Went well but took me forever to complete. Working on my second novel and have been plotting and planning to see how this approach works. Thanks for posting.

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