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Keeping a journal is a personal experience, and yet many people are reluctant to start or quick to give up the practice for various reasons.
This book is a personal reflection on the history of the author’s experience of more than thirty years of journaling. But it is also an exploration of some new techniques that young or aspiring journal writers may be unfamiliar with. Exploring the various techniques will give new insight on how methods, other than writing, can assist in a journey of personal reflection and growth.
The contents is broken down into six sections:
1. Background and history of journaling;
2. Creative journaling;
3. Journal writing and mindfulness in the NOW focused journal;
4. Reflecting on the past, and the future in the FUTURE/PAST journal;
5. Other kinds of journals not reflective in themselves, but which can be used in combination with the reflective styles; and
6. Practical guidelines on using both handwritten and electronic journals.The various techniques are explained, and exercises are given at the end of each section for the reader’s own reflection and experience.
Links and references are provided for further reading.

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After many years, Linzé resigned from her full-time job to enjoy the challenges of self-employment once more. Now she spends her days doing competence training, career development and retirement coaching, and consulting work. Her creative endeavours have also found more prominence in her daily activities with a focus on getting more of those finished manuscripts ready for publication.

Reflect. Grow. Become, is her 25th published book.


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